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A zany, humourous story, HEADS relates the adventures of Jazz Doherty, an Irish artist who makes a sacrilegious blunder while painting murals at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Berkeley, California. The parish priest, Fr. Ned Tobin, declares jihad on him and Doherty goes on the run.

As his work at the church develops a cult following of hippies, punks and assorted outsiders, Jazz starves in San Francisco's bohemia. Keeping out of the priest's range, he does odd jobs to get by, planning to leave California as soon as he has the money. While house sitting for a jailed marijuana grower, Jazz discovers a freezer full of money in the basement. He dips into the stash and spends recklessly. He leaves a generous donation at the parochial house for Fr. Ned, but his plan to purify their karma backfires.
Praise for Heads
Helen Smith, Amazon reader says:

...a charming book.. mixture of a road trip novel and a gentle crime caper, with plenty of colourful characters slipping in and out of the narrative.

Jimmy Keane (Chicago!) Amazon reader says:

set in San Francisco...the hilarious, madcap adventure of an Irish immigrant artist from Kerry, named James "Jazz" Doherty. Written with great care, delight, and tounge-in-cheek humour by a fellow Irish immigrant from Clare, author Eddie Stack.

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